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We are well regarded by the community of professional engineers, who have made us part of their team of inspectors for such structures and institutions as Geddes-Piper House (an important historic museum in Chestertown, Maryland), the Belmead Mansion (considered among the most endangered significant historic structures in the United States), and the Lexington Market complex (the oldest continuous market in the US). Engineers and architects are schooled in how to design buildings to be constructed in the future, while our expertise is in how and why existing structures were built.

When we are working under the supervision of an engineering company we are respected as generalists with knowledge in historic construction practices, including uses of hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead paint, as well as the uses and abuses of antiquated electrical systems and heating systems, such as steam heat. We have also been trained in and own specialized inspection equipment, such as infrared cameras and moisture detection equipment, that are unlikely to be used by engineers and architects in the normal practice of their professions.

We are an inspection company only. We are not engineers. Unlike established engineering companies, we do not have high daily overheads such as  commercial office space, specialized design equipment and high insurance premiums.

We can often complete small and medium-sized commercial inspections without the assistance of engineers and architects. On large, involved commercial inspections we will provide a free walk-through to determine what types of engineers, if any, will be needed before we submit a variety of proposals. 

Attached is a copy of a narrative inspection report of an office building in Washington, DC. For commercial clients that do not need to report to an oversight committee, such as a board of directors or a foreign government authorizing a building purchase, fees can be reduced if a video inspection report and a typewritten list of defects and concerns are considered sufficient. If a detailed narrative report, of the type attached, is necessary there will be additional fees for writing and editing the report.

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