Jack Reilly Associates, Inc.

When you’re buying a building, whether it’s a house or a commercial property, you want to do more than “kick the tires” for an hour or so. You want a real inspection.

That’s what we do.

And we do it well. We’re a small company, but we produce big customer satisfaction.

We take pride in giving you a “crash course” in understanding your property.

We answer all your questions. We show you how the systems work. And we help you understand how you can keep the house or building in good condition.

We can even help you estimate when you’ll need to budget for major repairs.

Once you’re a client of Jack Reilly Associates, you’re in the club for life. Jack welcomes calls from clients with a question or problem that’s arisen, even years after the inspection.

Jack is more than an inspector. He’s your long-term advisor. And now that we’ve all learned to depend on remote learning, he can even help you diagnose a problem through Facetime or just over the phone.

Buying a house? Need a commercial inspection? Got a problem?

Call Jack!

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